November 14 -- Doors open at 6:00 pm for Lasagna Buffet, Auction and Farewell Party

Friends and supporters:

After 18 wonderful years, this will be the last RCDC open meeting. Yes, the final RCDC meeting. I will still be active and hope to get out more to munches and events and I am NOT saying good-bye. There is talk of starting a new kinky group complete with secret handshake, exclusive memebrship, M&M's, and ??? You can still find my alter ego on Fetlife aka Monsignor Ralph of the Rose City Devotional Church (RCDC) where I tend my flock of perverts....

Thank you all for your friendship and years of support!

RCDC benevolent dictator
Director of M & M's
Monsignor, Rose City Devotional Cathedral

November Meeting Admission: Current RCDC Members - FREE, Non-members $10.00

Holiday Inn Airport
8439 NE Columbia Blvd (west of I-205)
Portland, OR 97220
Phone: 503-256-5000
Plenty of FREE parking
Official site: www.holiday-inn.com/portland-i205

6:00pm - Lasagna buffet, no host bar, silent auction (6pm-7pm), kinky social, door prize drawing
6:30pm - Pamela Clause and door prize drawings
7:00 pm - Live Auction!
8:00 pm - Holiday social, door prize drawing, farewell

RCDC will meet in hotel, lower level, in one of the Salon Rooms. Park on the north backside of the hotel, use the Flirts Lounge entrance (big archway sign). If you enter at hotel front lobby, take stairs or elevator to lower level.

RCDC PRE-Holiday Buffet, Auction, & Farewell Bash includes a plentiful lasagna buffet, no host bar, Holiday Auction, door prize drawings, Pamela Clause, sexy elf, and pre-holiday social. Members, non-members, bidders, and the curious are most welcome to attend this final RCDC meeting.

Buffet includes :Traditional or Vegetarian Lasagna , Served with a Zesty Marinara Sauce, Garden Salad with choice of Dressings, Veggie tray with Ranch Dressing, Rolls & Butter

The RCDC auction will be a combination of services, vanilla items, kink items, gift certificates, mystery, door prizes, and pure FUN! All of the auction funds will be used to pay for this final RCDC function.

If you are interested to donate a service, we have some easy ideas, which will be auctioned in a special manner. Service items could include; play scene, photography session (amateur or pro), house cleaning, maid, "massage-body work", web/computer service, yard work, chauffeur, dungeon use, lessons, skilled trade, etc.

Tops, bottoms, subs, switches-can have others bid on the privilege of doing a chore for you such as clean your house, domestic servitude, pamper you, indulge in a specific scene or fantasy of your choice. Submissives, this is your chance to "top from the bottom" on your terms. Ok to team up with a friend (s).

Anyone who offers a service auction item (house cleaning, a play scene, service, massage, etc) may rescind their offer if the bidder does not meet your comfort level or the negotiation for the service does not work out for either party. The full amount the bidder paid will be quickly returned. RCDC wants the donators and bidders to feel 100% comfortable and have FUN!

Partial list of auction items:

  • A wonderful leather flogger donated by www.wian-studios.com
  • Coquillage Pénétrant Or Articulé donated by www.wian-studios.com. Pénétrant images can be seen at http://www.sylvie-monthule.com/coquillage-penetrant-or-articule_ang.shtml
  • Double Evil donated by Karen. Image can be seen at http://www.stockroom.com/Double-Evil-Nipple-Device-P2373.aspx
  • Signed book collection donated by erotic author I.G. Frederick. Dommemoir, Broken, Shattered: Pain of Love
  • Spanking new black leather front zippered sleveless one piece garment with straps for stockings which extends to hips, donated by Sweet E.

RCDC is seeking auction items. Wish to donate? Contact Ralph at; [email protected]

Past RCDC Events

April 18 -- RCDC 18th Birthday Bash
February 28 -- 4 by 4 Workshop Series
January 24 -- Balls to the Wall: CBT from both sides by slave paul

November 15 -- RCDC Holiday Auction & Bash
September 27 -- Strap on play by Annamarie
July 27 -- RCDC & Vancouver Munch Picnic
April 26 -- RCDC 17th Birthday Bash
March 1 -- Rough Body Play by Alycyn Britton
January 25 -- Spanking by Mr. Cross

November 30 -- RCDC Holiday Auction & Bash
November 2 -- Sadistic bondage by Boss Bondage
September 28 -- Clothed female-naked male (CFNM) by Simon
July 18 --Salem Picnic Munch
July 28 -- Vancouver Picnic Munch
May 18 -- Pokin Round the Gorge with Scott Cook
April 27 -- RCDC 16th Birthday Bash
February 23 -- Historic and contemporary restraint collection
January 26 -- Fear and Terror Play by Tammy Campbell

December 1 -- Holiday Auction
November 17 -- The Family That Flogs Together Stays Together, by Tim, Karen & Hanu
October 20 -- Drumming as Impact Play by Lady Balara
September 29 -- Cell Popping by Connie, and Sadistic Bondage by Boss Bondage
July 15 -- RCDC & Vancouver Munch Picnic
June 2 -- That spanking is all in your mind by Tammy Campbell
April 28 -- RCDC Birthday Bash
February 25 -- FrickenRockinFloggin by Cindi
January 28 -- Primal Play by Coral

December 3 -- Holiday Bash
November 12 -- Fire play by Rand
October 15 -- Full body nylon encasement my Yasmin Ling
September 10 -- Caning by Conrad
August 21 -- RCDC & Vancouver Munch Picnic
May 14 -- RCDC 14th Birthday Bash
March 5 -- Glove Fetish by Coral
February 5 -- Singletails by Guy

December 11 -- Auction and Holiday Social
October 23 -- Piercing Ritual AND "Dare to Wear" Party!
September 25 -- Ball Busting by Cindy
August 28th -- Introduction to Asian Aesthetic Bondage, by Bridgett Harrington
June 1 -- Erotic Striptease by Sandi
April 17 -- RCDC 13th Birthday Bash
February 27--The Sensual Single tail presented by Tammy Campbell
January 30 -- Cage Play by Robin and Paul

December 5: Non-traditional Relationships: Successful Loving Outside The Mainstream, Barbara Wright Abernathy
Monday November 7: Caning by Loup
October: Date?
September 15th: Meet Assistant Police Chief Jim Ferraris!
August 8, Monday: Flirting by Tammy Campbell -- The How-To of Getting-To or How to pick up a play date without really trying.
May 23rd -- Takedowns
April 11th -- RCDC 12th Birthday Bash!
February 28th -- Mini Workshops
January 25th -- Flogging Workshop by Panther

December 6th: Rope Bondage For Dummies, by Rand
November 1st: Uniforms, Formal Leather, and Fetish Wear
October: TBD
September: No meeting
August 30th: Erotic Spanking: Another Kind of Spanking.
July: No Meeting
June 28th: Aftercare by Marlene and panel
April 26th: RCDC 11th Birthday Bash!
March 8th: Spanking and Hand Drumming by Tammy Campbell
January 26th: Corsets!

December 8th: Pony Play by Angela
October 27th:
September 29th: David Steinberg talks about his book Photo Sex: Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age
August 11th: Sex Toys by Brandy from It's My Pleasure
June 9th: Meeting presentation: Pro-Dominants and pro-submissives"
April 28th: RCDC 10th Birthday Bash
February 24th: "1001 Useful Ideas and Techniques To Meet People In The Scene"
January 27th: Wax Play by Morgan

December 9th, 2002: Skills for Tops, by Tamar
October 28th, 2002: Mechanical sex - Sybian, Jetaime, Eroscillator by Thunder.
September 30, 2002: Workshop: Above the waist erotic electro stimulation
August 29th, 2002: Skills for Bottoms, by Carol (Catbird)
July 29, 2002: Workshop/presentation: Anal Fisting by Paige and George
June 03, 2002: How to survive Coming Out or Being Outed - the Dignity of Sexual Authenticity, by Galen Gates.
April 25, 2002: RCDC 9th Birthday Bash!
February 25, 2002: Workshop: deep bruising, etc, by Paige and Bridgett
January 28, 2002: Sensory Deprivation, by Simon and Friends

December 10, 2001: Single tails, Snakes, and Quirts 102...Oh My! By Jamie and Rick.
November 12, 2001: Temporary Piercing by Rand.
October 4, 2001: Hands-On Spanking with Carol.
August 27, 2001: San Diego Six presentation by Cheryl, a queer femme.
July 23, 2001: "Single Tails, Snakes, and Quirts... Oh my!" by Jamie, Sarah, & Rick
June 4, 2001: "The Newly Collared Game Show!"
April 23, 2001: RCDC 8th Birthday Bash!
March 5, 2001:Erotic Embarassment.
January 29, 2001: Liquid Latex, by James from the Saturn-Fortuna in Salem.

December 4, 2000: Flogging hands-on workshop by Cecilia-WIAN Studios
November 6: "110 vs 220" by Ruth and Friends
October 25: "Spanking Sense" by Miriam
September 25: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & BDSM by Gary and Julie.
August 28: "Medical Scenes" by Kirsten and friends
July 31: "Chasing the Spark" -- BDSM and magick around the world, by S
June 26: "Negotiation and more" by Tamar
May 24: "Role Play by Allie"
April 24: "RCDC 7th Birthday Bash"
March 27: "Dungeonn Ettiquette" with Keith, Scott, Michael, Deb, Ralph, Marlene, Ruth, and Bruce
February 28: "Spanking Good Time" by Loup
January 27: "Switching Sides" by Catbird

December 6th: "Erotic Photo Workshop" by Dr. Mike and DarkLady
November 8th: "Is it Legal?" by Glenn
October 27th, "The Shocking Truth about Electricity," by Ruth and friends
September 30th, "Sacred S/M" presented by Carol (Catbird)
August 26th, "The Transgender Experience"
July 26th, "Abduction and interrogation" by Lynne
June: "Show, Tell, and Feel.
May 27: "I am kinky, my partner is not" panel discussion moderated by Tim K.
April 29th: RCDC 6th Birthday Bash!
March 32: "Food Play, by Conrad and Wendy"
February 23rd - "Genitorture" by Keith & Marlene.
January 25 1999 -"How to strip for your lover" by Lusty Lady, last week of the month

December 3rd 1998, Thursday: "Tattoo Caning" by Loup.
November 9th 1998, Monday - "Corsetry" by Tushelle from Bad Attitude.
October 29 1998, Thursday, 7-9pm: Jaymes Easton, co-editor of "Kinky Crafts" will present a "making toys" workshop.
September 28 1998: Tied Up In Knots, by Ruth
August 24 1998: 2 Workshops -- Two-handed Flogging by "G", and "CBT" by Toni and William
July 27 1998: Mini Workshop Series
"Toys on a Budget" by Wendy.
"Chocolate: The Ultimate Fetish" by Tamar.
"Violet Wands" by Carol.
May 26 1998: "How to Meet People in the Scene"
April 28th 1998, "RCDC 5th Birthday Bash"
June 29 1998: Male Genitorture, by Tony DeBlase
March 23rd 1998: "Jealously In The Scene"
February 24th 1998: BDSM Furniture by The Oubliette
January 26 1998:"The Old Guard -- "OLD GUARD": a panel discussion and demonstration
December 16th 1997:"The Night Before Christmas," a Kinko Drama
November 11th 1997: Dungeons on a Budget, by Conrad
October 28th 1997: Fetish Halloween
September 29th 1997: Is Kink Legal?
August 26th 1997, "Workshop and Swap Meet"
June 23rd 1997, "Things that Sting"
June 3rd 1997, Cigar Fetish Night
May 28 1997 1997: S/M Massage Workshop