Our mission

The Rose City Discussion Club is a non-profit organization that holds monthly meetings in Portland, welcoming all who are interested in BDSM, fetish, and adult alternative sexuality that is safe, sane, consensual, and fun. Our mission is to offer an informal and neutral forum, and a supportive environment for diverse interests. RCDC stresses education, resources, and social contacts in a friendly and accepting atmosphere. RCDC is open to all genders. Rose City Discussion Club has local, regional, and national recognition and access to various resources.

RCDC offers acceptance and support

The goal of RCDC is to support all people in accepting themselves as normal, productive individuals, no matter what their unique erotic preferences might be. We offer support to anyone seeking information, resources, guidance, and mutual understanding.

RCDC is not...

a swing club or a professional dating service. RCDC does not accept or support dangerous or unlawful activities of any kind, nor does RCDC accept or support non-consensual orientations such as abuse, bestiality, or under-age. No, RCDC does not have a toll free phone number, nor do we have valet parking at meetings (unless someone volunteers!)

RCDC is more than BDSM

We are open to all fetishes and interests that are safe, sane, and consensual. If you have a fetish or interest other than BDSM, RCDC is still the right place for you. People of all sorts of fetishes and interests attend RCDC meetings. Many people that are openly "out" about BDSM are reserved about their other interests.

Finding others with your interests

To find others with similar interests, you will need to invest in the RCDC community and the community at large. Become an active RCDC member, attend and participate at meetings, make friends with all genders, be open about your interests. It's important to allow time for others to get comfortable with you and learn to trust you. Volunteer for events, offer to help, or even write something for the newsletter. Let people get people familiar with who you are and what is important to you. And you can help make other newcomers feel welcome. Get involved.

Newcomers are welcome!

We know how hard it can be to take that first step to attend meetings of a group like ours, so we offer a special welcome to those who are interested yet unsure. Our goal is to have a friendly, informal, and safe atmosphere where anyone can be comfortable. We are happy to talk to you before your first meeting to help answer any questions, and we can even offer you a "buddy" for your first meeting to help you feel more comfortable. (We have found that single women sometimes find it reassuring to have another woman sitting next to them during meetings to be company and answer questions.) Just call us in advance and we'll be happy to arrange for a "buddy" for you for your first meeting.

RCDC is discreet

RCDC maintains a high standard for discretion about our members and visitors. RCDC respects your privacy. We do not maintain mailing lists or phone lists, nor do we give out such information to anyone. You can come to the meeting under any name you like.

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