About our meetings

RCDC is sort of the "Welcome Wagon" to the Portland "scenes." Your interests are ok, and you are not alone. Our goal is to make you feel welcome at each meeting. Of course, it's up to you to participate and get involved. Come to a meeting and see what we're about!

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Each month...

RCDC features guest speakers and lively discussion, and stresses education, safety, resources, workshops, socializing and fun. Monthly meetings are held in a comfortable private social setting. Number of attendees is usually about 75 people of all educations, interests, ages, and backgrounds. You are not required to join RCDC to attend meetings. Because the building is public (though the meeting room is private), we ask you to wear reasonable "street dress" to meetings. Thank you.

Where are the meetings?

NEW LOCATION: Holiday Inn Airport
8439 NE Columbia Blvd (west of I-205), Portland, OR 97220
Phone: 503-256-5000

Who attends?

RCDC is pansexual and honors all kinds of lifestyle diversity. We are open to ladies and gentlemen and those who identify otherwise. We are open to singles, couples, and other relationship structures. Members, non-members, visitors, beginners, and newcomers, whether closeted or out, are all welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly open program meetings. Though a common "thread" of our membership is Power-Exchange BDSM, RCDC welcomes (and is represented by) most other fetishes and orientations.

How to Join RCDC

You may apply for membership after attending one open program meeting. To apply, fill out the application form (available at the meetings), attend an RCDC meeting, turn in form and membership fee.

2010 membership renewel $5.00, New membership $15.00

After joining, meeting admission is only $5.00 for members (must show current membership card for discount). Admission for non-members is $10.00. Includes newsletter, personal ads, resources, light snack, and the opportunity to meet like-minded people. All adults over 18 welcome.

Membership perks

Membership perks include reduced or special admission rates to meetings, member-only workshops, special events, RCDC newsletter, and 10% discounts at Spartacus, Crimson Phoenix, Cathie's, Attitudes, etc.


RCDC KinkMart! -- Save 35%-50% at the RCDC Welcome Desk on a variety of discounted educational books, erotic novels, massagers, whip wax, lotions, lubes, and sensuous items.

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